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We have a simple philosophy to focus on quality and delivery.

Our Services

Custom Metal Fabrication

From structural to sheet metal, TFM can accommodate your fabrication needs.


Whether you are looking for turning, milling, or boring, TFM’s assortment of machinery can handle your requests.

Assembly and Surface Finish

TFM can take your custom parts to final assembly and show-floor ready.  TFM’s exclusive, oversized paint booth allows for the surface finishing of the most unique fabrication jobs.  TFM also provides additional finishing services such as: Anodizing, Black Oxide and Powder coating.

Why us?

Certified Experience

With over 40 years of on the floor fabrication and machining experience matched with the latest ISO-9001:2015 certification, TFM can meet all your quality standards.

Customer Service

TFM is committed to providing clients with unsurpassed customer service, order accuracy and on-time delivery.

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